Tuesday, December 04, 2018

Tuesday... Tired...

It's been a super long week and it's only Tuesday. 

Yesterday at the day job went pretty good. Not quite as good as I had hoped, but way better than I thought. 

Just as I was leaving, I got a text from K1 that they needed to go to the hospital for Little Mr. B. They dropped Big Mr. B off with pappy and went in. Several hours later, they were discharged again. Things are progressing, but with as crazy as the hospital was, they felt it was better if they labored at home. We kept Mr. B, fully expecting to get a call overnight, but... Nope. Big Mr. B was picked up this morning... Only an hour later than I needed him to be picked up to make it to work on time... Oy! 

This baby is so stubborn. Like I said, things are progressing, but super slow. I'm hoping it's soon. It should be. Of course, the day job is super crazy and being off is difficult. But I wouldn't miss this baby coming for the world. 

We're at 21 days until Christmas. We have zero decorations up. Zero presents (oh wait! And less than zero money, too). Zero holiday spirit. Though I have to say the Hallmark Christmas movie watching is going splendidly. Ha! I think everything is hinging on the new babies that are coming. 

We won't get the tree until zero-thirty. That demon kitten that lives here will take our holiday spirit out before it even gets started if we put the tree up sooner than zero-thirty. Don't get me wrong. We love the little guy. He's actually super sweet when he wants to be. But he can and will destroy the tree. He will enjoy every minute of it. And I will cry as I clean up his destruction! Ha! 

In the meantime, That Man and I will continue to work on our Christmas spirit. And wait for our new grandbabies!


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