Wednesday, December 19, 2018

Wednesday... Over the Hump...

This week is sooo long. It's been like a week full of Mondays so far! But we are winding down now! Yay!

Tonight was a Christmas party with friends. Amazing food. Great conversations. A fun, but kinda wacky, game. We made spinach dip. I was worried about it because one of the main ingredients was different than normal,, but it turned out well. We left the bread bowl with some dip for the hosts. It at least has the potential to get eaten there. It does not here.

So. K4 made cookies for us to take to the party. There was a kitchen mishap and some of them burnt and those that didn't burn looked weird (ingredient swap out - one she researched and thought would work. I thought it was clever, but the oven didn't). We decided to leave them behind. We're talking like nearly two dozen cookies in various stages of weirdness. We put them on a plate and put them in a grocery store bag, knowing we'd probably dispose of them when we got home. They were placed on the far back of the counter.

When we got home, there were no cookies. That dog of ours ate every single one of them and part of the bag. Needless to say, she's either been in bed or outside pooping. (except, she snuck down and is now snuggled up against me. As upset as I am with her, I can't kick her off me. She's too cute. She obviously doesn't feel well, and I'm worried about the amount of chocolate she ate) We are not happy with her at all. Plus, we know there will probably be poop or puke overnight. Ugh! Why?

We wrapped the things that came today. Getting there. We've been keeping up with the wrapping each night, which is good. Not trusting the animals, and, especially this bad dog who also loves to unwrap presents, I put up my momma's tree in my office and we've been stashing most of the gifts there. There are only a few under the real tree. When we're home, I'll plug in the lights and leave the door open and it looks cool when you get to the top of the steps, but normally the door is closed and things are safe.

We're almost done. I need to get for him. We have a few fill ins to take care of. We have the grocery shopping to do. And the house to clean. And food to make. I'm only freaking out a tiny bit at this point. Hopefully, we'll finish up tomorrow night after our anniversary dinner.

Yeah. That's tomorrow night. 32 years of married life. I wouldn't change it for the world. I'm going to be even more cliche and say - we've had ups and down, but the constant has been that we have each other and we're really good at making each other laugh, finding things to laugh about in ridiculous situations, and balancing out each other's emotions. He's my best friend and there is no way I could do this adulting thing without him. Yeah, I know that's mushy. I'm not apologizing.

And it's bedtime...


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