Sunday, December 30, 2018

Dropping Off the Face of the Earth...

So... Sorry about that... Not that many people read this anymore...


Let's back up!

Weekend before Christmas was pretty good! Had a gathering on Saturday, which turned out fantastic. Small crowd. We did crafts for the kids. Good food. Good times. We ran around like crazy people all day Saturday. Did the shopping for the gathering, the day before, and the day.

Sunday was K2's for dinner and new baby seeing. That Man was feeling like poo, so he stayed home. K4 and I went, stopping at the store first for the things I needed to bring and a few other supplies for Christmas Eve and Christmas day. We were late. K3 got stuck at work. K1 and J were there. We had a good time. Baby A is awesomely cute. K2 made soup and the kids played. It was good.

Monday was work, which was slow as heck. Out of there and then home to host Christmas Eve. My brother made the soup, which was, once again, awesome. We hung out and laughed a bunch. It was also very good.

Once everyone left, we organized the Christmas things, straightened up and crashed. Up early. No idea why. Our youngest is now nineteen and likes to sleep... But, by the time she got up, we had breakfast almost done, candles were lit, tree and piano lights were on, coffee was ready, and the yule log was playing on the tv.

My baby is nineteen. What the heck? The first year I blogged, she turned six! Now she's 1/4 through college!

We ate breakfast and then did our gift thing. K4 gave her dad the toolbox she made for shop class. Super awesome. K3 came over. We did presents and then we ran over to K1 & J's. I might want to mention at this point that I woke up feeling a little yucky. (Remember I said That Man felt like poo?) We did a quick trip and stayed away from the baby and tried our best to stay away from Mr. B. Back home to nap. S & J came over for K4's birthday dinner - chicken tacos. We had ice cream cake and then they scooted off home since all of us had to work the next day.

Woke up Wednesday morning feeling like utter and absolute crap. Had to go to the day job if I wanted to get paid for the holiday. I somehow made it through the day. Came home and crashed on the couch. That Man sent me to bed around 8. I'd already slept for two hours and I went to bed and slept some more. Woke up Thursday morning with horrible symptoms. Vomiting is the least gross of them.

Let me just say that it's pure evil to have a bone-breaking cough and the other side of vomiting.

I was in a super bad place. Also, body aches, sinus congestion, coughing, sneezing, horrible headache...I stayed in bed and slept all day Thursday and didn't eat at all. Yes, I drank water and tried to take meds. Woke up Friday morning with no change. Slept all day Friday, too. Finally woke around four and could barely move. That Man finally got home and I tried to eat some dinner. Didn't do so great on that one, but I managed to stay downstairs for a little bit. Slept in Saturday - like I needed to after all of the sleeping... But apparently, I did need it.

Finally got some food in me Saturday and kept it down. Only one meal split into two segments though. Weak as a newborn kitten though. In bed stupid early, even though I'd napped on and off all day. We did get our sheets washed and some other necessary things done, though it was a slow, slow process.

Today we had no choice but to run errands. Hit the grocery store, pharmacy, auto parts store... That Man put dinner in the oven before we left, so at least that was taken care of. Completely overdid it though. I've been useless pretty much ever since. Ate a little lunch. Napped. Laid on the couch.

This flu is a pain in the ass.

Tomorrow I have a full day at the day job. I have no idea what I'm going to walk into. Whatever. It is what it is. I have no control over how sick I was.

Tomorrow night is up in the air at this point. We'll see how we feel after doing the day job thing. Ugh.

That is all.


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