Sunday, December 09, 2018

Weekend Wrap Up...

I missed Friday. Why? Because I was exhausted and I didn't get home until late. And the day job sucked my soul out. 

That Man wasn't feeling well, so I did the baby shower shopping and grabbed stuff for dinner on my way home. Finding adorable baby stuff was hard. I ended up doing well, though, I think. I found a pacifier for the puppy that's going to have a baby soon, too. Of course, this is an ongoing process. Once the babies comes, I will get more stuff. 

I also got some stuff for new Baby B. Long-sleeved onsies, some super cute hats, socks, etc... Also and ongoing process. 

We made soup and sandwiches for dinner and went to bed super early. 

Saturday. Brunch at our dear friends house. Awesome coffee. Mimosas. Amazingly good time. A ton of laughter and amazingly awesome good food. 

Went from there to meet my sister-in-law and brother at the venue for the baby shower. Got that set up. It was really nice and a good time, all things baby shower considered. Mostly, I avoid baby showers, but there's no way to avoid it when it's your mini-me niece. Love her and am so happy for her. I got to touch the amazing belly. (I asked first) We did not do the diaper candy game, which is amazing awesome. They got a lot of nice gifts, and there were some tears when she opened the blanket that her Gram had started and her mom finished. 

All of us remaining siblings were together, which was awesome! It was my sister and brother-in-laws anniversary, too. K4 was coming home from school and made it for a little bit before her exhaustion got the better of her. 

I have a story for after we got home, but as crazy as it was. I don't think I'm allowed to talk about it yet. I might have to be a witness. (I called 911 and saw some stuff...) Talked to the officer in charge around 11:30 last night.

Today was grocery shopping and cookie making. K4 wanted to make cookies for school. She made like four different kinds. She has a week left of this semester and then she's 1/4 done with college. Wow. So crazy and so good. 

We also did the laundries...

There is a bit of shopping done. Zero decorating is done. We have a crazy week coming up, so... Who knows if we'll get stuff done or not...

I'm going to write now...


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