Monday, December 17, 2018

The Monday Before...

Oh Dear...

So much to do!

So, let me recap the weekend first...

Took Mr. B to breakfast with Santa and it was awesome. We got there a little early and he got to go right back to see Santa and Mrs. Claus. He received some presents and then devoured his breakfast. Then he got his face painted by the most amazing face painter I have ever seen. His paint was absolutely epic, made better by his elf hat. He looked so stinking cute.

Ran to the place where K3 has his store, but he wasn't in yet. Mr. B was amazed at the displays and the fish and pretty much everything. We had a blast. That Man picked out a present for his part-time job Christmas party (an epic huge fish pillow). Came home to eat lunch and chill a bit. K1 picked up Mr. B and I got to hold little Mr. B for a while.

Office Christmas party for the part time job. Always fun. They do a dirty Santa and we came home with two wonderful smelling Yankee candles. Nice. The fish pillow was an enormous hit, especially when it burst out of the box like we were hoping. Came home and began to organize ourselves, but then K3 called and said his drivers side window was busted out. Nothing was stolen, but, of course, it was pouring. He said it looked like someone backed into his car. Ugh. He came here and he and That Man taped it up. He ate some food (dude, he was super hangry. Yikes!).

Sunday - Ha! I thought we were going to have a relaxing day. Nothing could be farther from the truth. We went shopping, we went to lunch, we did more shopping, we got our tree, we went to the grocery store, we put the Christmas dishes in the hutch which meant multiple trips up and down the stairs, and washing plates and cups and things, laundry, furniture rearranging. K4's car was dropped off at the shop for, hopefully, fixing. We decorated the tree. We sorted and organized the presents. We didn't get to bed until after midnight, and of course, today was a work day.

Today - work day. Grocery store - that's going to happen a lot this week. My list is immense. Shrimp and angel hair pasta for dinner. Yum. One of my absolute favorites. Wrapping. Laundry. Office cleaning. More wrapping. List organizing.

Oh and the best thing of all, is that our new granddaughter was born tonight. She's beautiful and momma and baby are doing well.

Now we have six grandkids - three boys and three girls. Awesome! And the funniest thing is that those kids are from our older two. I think K1 is done. K2 is not. And K3 and K4 haven't even started, though I don't think K4 is going to be about babies and stuff. I wonder how many grandchildren we'll end up with?

Speaking of grandkids, we're taking K5 to dinner tomorrow night for the present giving. Excited about that.

Then Wednesday we have a Christmas party to attend.

Thursday is our 32nd anniversary, so we'll go to dinner and work on the rest of the shopping.

Friday - well that's going to be crazy with finishing the gift shopping and getting the food shopping done.

Saturday - gathering with friends. Should be fun. Should be crazy.

Sunday - meeting Baby A. We're not going to get over there before that. At least I don't think. Maybe though. But still. We're going over to see them for Christmas. They won't be traveling due to having a newborn, which is completely understandable.

And then... There we are! I have to work Christmas Eve until 3pm. That Man is off for the day. How lucky is he? Most of the family will be here for Christmas Eve festivities. My brother is making the soup. We're pretty low key this year. All of us are too broke for the gift exchange, which is very okay. I'm looking forward to it, even though my sister won't be able to be here.

Oy. I need a nap! Or to just go to bed.


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