Saturday, May 30, 2009

Campers Left Out In the Rain

I mentioned how our camper was saved from sure and total devastation in my last post. I can assure you that's not an exaggeration. I'll set the scene before I tell you how it was saved. I know I've posted pictures of our usual camping spot. I'm too lazy to dig up one to refresh your memory, so picture a high embankment - maybe a fourteen foot drop to the water below with five or so feet of ground between the camper and the edge. We would have never camped there when the kids were little, but now that they're older and mostly sleeping in their own tents, we're able to pick such a beautiful spot.
Anyway. It rained Saturday night, raising the creek enough to prevent the kids from getting in and turning the water to chocolate milk. My sister and brother-in-law had some problems with mice so they were being extra vigilant during the packing up process. We had other things to take care of at home, and decided we'd leave the camper and go back for it one evening this week. (We were close enough that there was no way to get ours out without them moving theirs)
The week kind of got away from us - as short weeks often do. Thursday, we remembered the camper was still creekside. We decided we'd stop by last night and haul it out. No problem.'s been raining here non-stop since Tuesday with only brief intervals of sun. Thursday night we had a torrential downpour that lasted for hours. Around midnight, B woke me up and said he was heading up to move the camper because he was worried.
He got up there, backed in and then shined his flashlight on the creek that should be several feet below. Only it wasn't. The water was only about a foot from the ledge. He hooked up, and as he pulled out, the water was crossing a low spot in the road ahead. Needless to say, we felt like we'd dodged a bullet.
By the next morning, we knew we had. My brother-in-law called and said the water was up to the picnic tables and had taken out the woodpile by the fire ring. Those places are a good three-hundred feet from where we camp. We would have lost our camper for sure - it would have either been filled with water, or considering where it was parked, tumbled into the raging creek.
I'm still amazed that B sat up from a dead sleep and knew what he had to do.
Kind of freaky, huh?
That's all for now.

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Ava Quinn said...

That is freaky. So glad he did, tho. And that everything turned out well!