Sunday, May 17, 2009

Retreat! Day Four!

I'm home now and glad to be.
But that doesn't mean I'm not counting down the days to next years retreat already. What a blast!
I achieved my personal best in word count: 25,503. Feeling a little brain dead at the moment, but still jazzed about my new story.
That's the springy dog that bounced me off and bruised my leg. Yep, my leg is sporting a very pretty purple bruise. My gut and cheeks also hurt, but that's from all the laughter. Last night was game night. We gather in our meeting room for some form of a game show tailored for our purposes that leaves us all with tears streaming down our faces. Good times. Then, at a little after 11 pm we decided we needed to have a dance party in the hallway. That's going to be a new tradition. So much fun.
Today was sad as we packed up. I stayed at the keyboard for a few thousand more words to prove to myself I could at least meet my tally from last year. And I did. Cool. We gathered our things and drove away, full of confidence, friendship, and hope, and totally jazzed about our projects. Very good stuff.
I wasn't really given a choice about remaining the chairperson for the retreat. Of course, I didn't say no either. I wouldn't - unless someone else had a burning desire to plan it. I love the retreat too much.
Now, life returns to normal. Only I've got a shiny new project to work on. And lots of pictures to share over the coming weeks.

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