Saturday, May 09, 2009

Saturday Stuff

Let's go with another list of random stuff.
1. Teenaged girls who are getting ready for their first prom should come with a warning label. Luckily, K2 had a brief babysitting gig this morning thus sparing me from her constant silly obnoxiousness. She'll be back soon...then we have to go shopping for a few things she needs.
2. My dog snores pretty loud.
3. Waking up to spilled orange juice on the living room floor is not as much fun as it sounds. The clean up was done well, but I can still see the sheen of stickiness. Joy.
4. I'm tired of vampires. I know they'll never go away, but seriously? Sucking blood is not sexy. I don't think it's sexy when Sam Winchester does it and I don't think it's sexy for the undead to do it. I've never really been a fan.
5. Did I tell you how excited I am for the retreat? Yeah. I thought I did. My list of stuff to do before then is pretty long, but that's okay.
6. I have a headache.
7. I am also not a fan of zombies.
That's all...

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