Monday, May 11, 2009

Happy Hug Your Mom Day

Yeah, I'm a day late. Can't help it.
Hope all you moms had a good day yesterday.
You better not have forgotten your mom. If you did, you have some serious making up to do.
Here are the things I liked most about yesterday:
1. Sleeping in.
2. Having breakfast made for me.
3. Lunch with my mom and B's mom.
4. Baseball games with my sister's dog as the outfielder. (though getting the ball back was interesting at times)
5. Nap.
6. Not having to cook dinner, or even think about it.
7. Dessert.
8. Homemade cards.
9. The weather - though it was a little too windy and chilly.
10. Getting text messages from my son's girlfriend.
That's all.
I'm off to do some shopping for the retreat. I'll probably be back with a 'why I hate shopping' list later. Ha!

1 comment:

Ava Quinn said...

Sounds like a great time! I love home made cards, too.


(no, don't turn tail and run. just excited.)