Friday, May 15, 2009

Retreat! Day Two!

There is a reason I love the retreat so much. Let me tell you it's definitely not these stairs. We're on the third floor, the dining room is on the first floor, so is the ice machine and the coffee. I've been up and down these stairs so many times today that I'll probably dream of them. (providing I actually sleep tonight)
Today is going well - not a lot of writing getting done on my end of the hall, but we had a bunch of people arriving today, contract stuff to go over with the staff here, and the season finale of Supernatural to watch. But, I'm having an absolute blast. The weather is gorgeous, there's laughter echoing off the walls, and I have my own bathroom.
Season finale of Supernatural? Oh. My. God. Dean and Sam back together? Yes! Ruby dying? Yes! I've even forgiven Sam for drinking demon blood. That Ruby...oh she makes me mad! But Dean and his lines and his looks and realizing Bobby was right and calling Sam. And Bobby calling Dean a princess and telling him he was acting like John but was better than that. I think I might die before season 5 begins. All I have to say is...Bravo, Kripke and crew! That was a beautiful, beautiful thing. My love for Supernatural burns ever hotter, and I didn't think that was possible.
Tonight is out "out on the town" night and we're discussing the possibility of going to see the new Star Trek movie after we've properly imbibed and laughed our way through appetizers. Tomorrow is buckle down day and make up for the sagging word count of today. I'm not doing horrible and I had to do my job here, which is always fine.
Maybe more later...
The Internets get kind of wavy around here, so you never know.


Susan Kelley said...

Hope you're getting lots of writing done. I'm only completely envious. I can't wait to hear your tallies of all the work you did.

Victoria said...

I wish you were here, Sue! You'd love it!
Tallies coming tomorrow!

Ava Quinn said...

SPN was beautiful. So good! Glad we got to watch it.

Victoria said...

SPN was very beautiful! I could cry! I'm glad we got to watch it, too!