Saturday, May 16, 2009

Retreat! Day Three!

Sadly, it's the last full day of the retreat.
I miss my family terribly. And I'll be ready to go home tomorrow, but I'm also sad to see this time end.
The picture is from last night at Applebee's. (Where they don't put any actual liquor in the drinks. Just so you know that.) From here we went to the movies to see Star Trek. Loved it. Absolutely loved it more than I can even say. It was fantastic.
Another crappy nights sleep (I won't miss that). And a pretty good word count day so far today. I'm not done yet, so no report at this time.
We just got back from a walk. Of course to the cemetery and then to a different cemetery and to the playground where one of those springy things tossed me off. My leg will be bruised and my gut will hurt from all the laughing. I have a ton of pictures for future posts and Tall Tale Tuesdays.
We're heading down to our annual game in a few. Always a blast and I'm looking forward to it.
More tomorrow.


Ava Quinn said...

My boob, elbow and tiny bit of hair. So glad I'm not fully in this picture!

I had a bowl full of sangria-less sangria at Applebees. Rather disappointing.

That damn springy dog! You just can't trust it!

Victoria said...

Ha! But I do have other pictures...

Dang that Applebees!! *shakes fist*

That springy dog is going down next time!