Thursday, May 28, 2009

More Retreat Madness

This is Elizabeth. She's new to CPRW - like new enough that she joined not long before the retreat sign up deadline date. And she signed up for the retreat anyway, even after witnessing the way we sometimes act at meetings.
Yes, Elizabeth is stretched out on a crypt (or whatever it's called. I looked it up a while back, but can't remember if I'm right or not.) I swear all that was said was you should lay down there and let me take your picture. And she did. Which is cool beyond words. Never once did I see her try to sneak out of the facility and run away from us and midnight dance parties, crazy games that have everyone laughing so hard they've lost their breath, and every other odd thing that happens. I think that means she fits right in. I'm pretty sure that's a given if she's willing to stretch out on top of a grave lid in the middle of a cemetery.
This has been a short week, and an exceedingly long week. And there's still one more day to get through. Feel Good Friday may be late since tomorrow is a "dawn until dusk" kind of day around here.

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