Friday, January 03, 2014

Feel Good Friday!

As promised... There is a Feel Good side to this Friday...

1. Things are narrowed down now. Apparently the issue is with the shipper, despite everything I was told. The woman from the Consumer Affairs division of the post office has advised me that the package was addressed to someone completely different in New York. She has a scan of the label. I have emailed the shipper to tell them what is going on and demand they send our order the quickest way possible...Hopefully my years working with international companies will help me get this resolved quickly. I have used my best and most urgent customer service email skills. This will be resolved in my favor come hell or high water - especially considering I am the one spending the money!!

2. The snow was shoveled and cars cleaned off (by me, considering the illness in this house). My errands were finished and my sense of cabin fever was kind of eliminated. Kind of.

3. We had an emergency guest through the snow. My niece. It was a good call in more ways than one. She was safe from traversing the mountain to get to The Wilds, and she and K4 had some awesome hangout time. She is a real joy to have around and I'm glad she decided to be safe with us.

4. Writing meeting tomorrow! I have missed my people! I can't go to lunch, which makes me sad, but not considering our alternate plans. (more on that later) I have met my goals, which is awesome.

5. Meeting our new baby girl tomorrow! We get to see our puppy tomorrow! We get to hold her and bond with her and we are so very very excited!! She still has no name, but hopefully after tomorrow we can figure out what she will be called.

6. I have two valid job interviews next week. I have my fingers crossed that someone sees me for the value I have to give and actually hires me.

7. The illness seems to be mostly benign. It didn't get worse. It's gotten slightly better. We're still on eggshells that it's not going to crush us all.

8. Making progress with my edits. I don't think I know what I'm doing most of the time... but I am loving things.

9. Seventeen days until my book is released! Yay!

That is all.

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