Sunday, January 19, 2014

Weekend Wrap Up...

Technically, the K's and I have one more day off to enjoy, but since it's Sunday...
Our weekend has been pretty darned good. Friday night That Man and I went to pick up his new (used) car. He found a VW Jetta - diesel - which he has always wanted. The price was awesome and it was too good of a deal with pass up. It's a cool little car. I've yet to drive it though. He loves it and is so happy! We had lots of company to see Elsa and homemade subs for dinner (Just J and I. No one else was hungry). K3 had a school dance and had a blast. The teenagers went to the local smoothie place to hang out after K3 returned, which was good and a lot of fun for them. Baby B was back and his momma and I hung out and talked a lot, which was also good and fun. My sister stopped by, too. S ended up spending the night since it was past our state's driving curfew for the under 18 set. It was snowing, so That Man had to leave to plow and salt. We were up way late (2am), and then I was up way early (6am) with the puppy and to make sure S got on the road to work. That Man didn't get home until almost 8 am. We napped several times Saturday.
We took Elsa with us to run the title for the clown car to our mechanic friend who will be junking the car for us. Their big dog was not too sure about this little squirmy thing and tried to eat her tail. (He wasn't mean, just worrisome and he didn't hurt her at all.) Their little old terrier loved Elsa. A little "too much". Oy. He was funny though and Elsa had fun running around and playing with him. When we returned home K1, J, and Baby B were here. So was my niece's boyfriend / K3's best friend, J (we have a lot of J's in this family). S came over after work and so did her parents. Our neighbor and her son stopped over, too. We had an awesome dinner of fish with mango salsa and guacamole, rice, and two different vegetables - dairy and fat free and vegan friendly, which S and K3 appreciated. The mango salsa and guac were awesome and didn't last long.
We watched movies, played with Elsa, had a few adult beverages, talked, and had a blast.
Today was similar. That Man got up with Elsa. Nice! I slept until a little after 8! That Man ran some errands while I played with the baby and tried to bring up the checkbook / take care of emails. Shortly after he returned, my folks stopped by to meet their new grand dog. That was nice and we had a good time visiting. We then hit the grocery store leaving the K's in charge of Elsa. They did a great job making sure she was properly pottied and loved. After that, we met K1 and J to pick up Baby B so they could go look at a potential new home. Baby B was a riot. He's so stinking cute with his waving and love of Elsa. If he doesn't want her near, he'll push her away. My brother-in-law's mom stopped by (honorary grandparent to my kids and very awesome lady) to drop off a "break a leg" line for K3's musical and to meet Elsa.
I really wanted to take a nap, but that didn't happen. We made chili, but That Man accidentally put too much hot sauce in it and as much as I love hot sauce, it was too much for me. Now we're hanging - watching stupid TV and laughing at the puppy.
Tomorrow I hope to sleep in at least a little. And IT'S RELEASE DAY!! YAY!!  I will also look for jobs, write, clean, do laundry, and prepare for a night out with the BFF's.
I'll be on The Whole Shebang site tomorrow. Come over and see!

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