Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Snow Day!

We ended up with about 4" here! Not enough in my book. Not enough at all! I love the snow. I don't, however, love the fact that the windchill is supposed to be -15 in the morning. What kind of crap is that? (Yes, negative fifteen degrees!) It's already ugly here. They closed my sister's mountain and there are no cars driving on the road in front of my house. There hasn't been for hours. It's kind of cool! It's also super cool that That Man is not out plowing snow tonight!
I have a new puppy to potty and the extreme cold is not going to go over well! It was hard enough today, though Elsa loves the snow! She does not like the cold. See how perfect she fits with me? And she is so stinking cute!
Today was kind of weird. I job hunted. A lot! Had another spam job offer which I reported to the company the woman claimed she worked for. No way she worked for them and no way she was legit. Hell, she offered me $500.00 to go to the store for her until she returns from Canada. Seriously? I did not answer her.
I took care of the puppy and made dinner. That's pretty much it. No laundry. No writing. No checking the list of stuff I have to do...
Tried to take a nap, but as soon as I settled in Elsa woke. She's in the psychotic biting phase all puppies go through. I know this will pass. I know she's exhibiting normal puppy behavior. It's making me crazy. I did see much improvement once I gave her the bath poofy to play with. (She has a ton of toys, but the bath poofy was "different".)
I did make awesome stromboli's for dinner. Actually, That Man and I made them and they were only awesome because he went to the store on his way home from work because someone ate almost all of the ham I had previously purchased...
We're already under a two hour delay for school tomorrow. I will not be surprised if we're closed. It's going to be colder than a few weeks ago when they cancelled school for the extreme cold, and, we have snow, blowing snow, to deal with as well. I have a job interview tomorrow afternoon, so it better be at least decent by the time I have to leave.
That's it....

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