Friday, January 10, 2014

Feel Good Friday

Okay... This week = Mostly Suck. I'm going to try to put a good spin on it though...
1. Being recovered from the flu. Forget the fact that I felt like hell most of the week and the flu probably cost me a chance at two jobs. (Going to interviews with the flu sucks!)
2. Getting a chance to see my sister at work! Forget the fact that the visit resulted in me losing my tooth. Stupid old root canal work. I thought I was just getting my temporary crown fixed, but no. Though I will admit I love going into my sister's work.
3. Friends who know how to work on computers! Because the kid's homework computer died. (The one we just got a year ago!) I pray it can be fixed. They both need it for homework.
4. Getting my money back for the kid's Christmas present. Even though that's not what I asked for and now the same product is $20.00 more. Not happy. Have expressed my dislike, but not getting any resolution. Will never order from this company again.
5. This should be number 1, but today is my grandson's birthday. Big One today! Oy! He is so adorable and such a great joy!
6. We're going to see Elsa tomorrow! We're taking a blanket so when she comes home she will have familiar smells. We're also taking some toys for the babies and some food for the momma. Really we're only going up to see our baby.
7. Big One Year old birthday party here tomorrow. Yes, we're hosting. It was easier for K1 & J's guests and we really don't mind. Though we have to leave mid-party for K3's mid-year performance for school. We're taking half of the party with us, but we won't be gone long.
8. Random phone calls I was too smart to answer. Some people are not competent enough to function in the real world. I feel sorry for them, but I'm not dumb enough to get involved.
9. I will admit that I did love our schedule this week. Delays 3 out of 5 days. School cancelled one day, and our utter lateness meaning our own delay one day.
10. Everyone in this house pulling together to get everything straightened and done for tomorrow's party. Nice work, family!
11. Rocking my phone interview today. I was on my game and feel really good about it!
Also... final line edits, second and third round edits, promo stuff, upcoming events....
That is all...

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