Friday, January 03, 2014

Friday Frustrations...

This is post one for this Friday. Post two will be Feel Good Friday!
But so far this morning I am totally frustrated / irritated / blah...

1. I'm trying to track down the kids' main Christmas presents. The ones I ordered a month ago. They were delivered. To New York. I have a case number with the post office and have spoke to the supervisor of the post office responsible for the wrong delivery. All I get from that guy is a run around - there are so many packages to be delivered, the driver can't remember where he dropped it, it had the wrong address on it - all bullshit. He also said he'd left me a message that they didn't know where my package was. Bullcrap. He didn't and he knows it. He also knows it was addressed correctly and that his driver didn't care. I caught him in that lie, but he still doesn't care. I called Consumer Affairs, but you have to leave a message with your case number. I left a message with the seller to please forward me a copy of the shipping label so I can prove to the post office that it wasn't wrongly addressed. (The seller has been okay through all this, but then, they already have my money - what do they really care?)

Argh! The thing is, I spent good money on the items. Good money that as of right now, I might as well have peed away. My kids have lost. I have lost my excitement at the prospect of their gifts because I know I'm never going to see them, and will probably not get my money back either. I am angry and frustrated. I want resolution and am not getting any.

2. Job searching. This morning I got an email from a company I applied to a month ago. He said they'd reviewed my resume and decided to hire me - without interview, reference checks... He'd gave me a weekly figure and said he was out of town, but we'd do the interview process, w2, etc, upon his return, though there were a few errands he needed me to run for him next week. He'd send me funds, including my pay. His email was full of errors - badly worded sentences, sentences that made no sense, logistics that made no sense. I had a bad feeling right away. I googled his name and company and on the first page, everything seems legit. So, I dug a little deeper, because who hires someone without an interview, or at least a telephone interview? And, of course, as is my luck, it's a scam. He sends you the money - which you then deposit and withdrawal - only the check is no good, so you're screwed. I know statistically I'm going to get a few of these due to how widely I am applying for work, but it's so frustrating. Why can't I just find a decent job?

3. Snow. Yes, I do love it. Very much. But I have things to do today. That Man "borrowed" our snow shovel (yes, we only have one right now) for his snowplow gig. I can't shovel the front walk. It's bitterly cold right now, which means the snow is not going to melt from the vehicles, so I have to clean both of them, too. I know... wah! Welcome to winter! I really don't mind, but given numbers 1 and 2, it's just adding to my frustration. Also, That Man has been plowing snow since 5:30 pm yesterday. He stopped in once to warm up and check the forecast, taking K3 with him for the shovel work, but he's been up for over 30 hours now, and I have no idea when he'll be home.

4. Sick kids. No, I'm not frustrated or irritated about this. Just blah. K3 ended up having to come home early because he wasn't feeling well. No fever, but his stomach is all messed up and he's almost as pale as the snow. I really hope this doesn't become an epidemic in our house, though  K4 was complaining about her stomach yesterday. Ugh!

5. Weird Dreams. Not going to go into them, but suffice it to say I was properly weirded out...

That's enough for now. I promise Feel Good Friday will be positive.

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