Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Of Bad Customer Service...

Since, apparently, I am not allowed to post a review regarding my recent experiences on the website of the company I ordered the kid's Christmas presents from, you get my rant. No, I'm not going to name the company names, but I need to get this off of my chest.
I've told you most of the experience - a long wait to talk to a very nice woman at the post office who gave me all of the information I needed and advised me of what steps I would need to take to resolve the issue (She was very nice and so helpful), long distance phone calls to New York to speak to a disgruntled and uncaring post office manager who acted like I was the lowest common denominator, multiple emails to the overseas seller to advise them they shipped to the wrong address, only to have it argued by them, and finally speaking to the company whose website I placed the order on (after 30 minutes on hold) and feeling like things were going to be okay only to have them refund my money. They then told me to reorder my items, except now they're more expensive.
More emails - me asking why my money was refunded when I specifically asked for my order. The seller telling me I agreed to the refund. The company blaming the seller. The seller blaming the company. No resolution from either, except the company did offer me a coupon - only I couldn't use it to reorder the items. What?
So, I wrote a review. I didn't name call, I wasn't mean, I was honest and simply explained my experience.
My return email from the seller was that it was the companies fault, but that they were sorry my money was refunded when I only wanted my product. No apology for the initial screw up on their part where the goods I paid for were delivered free of charge to some dude in Brooklyn. And I spoke to the same customer service rep I had been emailing with from the beginning.
I received an email from the company telling me my review breached their policies and that they made the decision to refund my money because the items shipped from overseas and it would take a while to receive. But I could reorder if I still needed the items. What kind of sense does that make?
I let it sit for a little while as I gathered my thoughts. When I responded I was polite, but to the point. I asked how an honest review of my experience was against policy? (Noting that the other negative reviews posted by other people had been taken down) I told her they're lack of caring of my situation, their zero attempt to make things right, and their refusal to allow my review really proved that they cared more about their reputation and the reputation of their seller than their customers and that I would never be ordering from them again.
But, damn, I'm still mad.
Of course, they haven't responded. They probably won't. I don't care. I don't want anything from them. The only thing I did want was my product and good customer service. As a former customer service agent, I am appalled and angry. I would never treat my customers this way. Maybe that's what has me most upset. I was damned good at what I did. I worked hard to make sure each of my customers felt like they were my favorite and, for the most part, it was successful. (Ha! A little psyche eval there!)
>steps off soapbox<
Updated to add: I just received a response to my email. It said nothing. They are sorry I was unhappy, but not sorry they didn't provide better service. Argh!

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