Friday, January 31, 2014

Puppy - Week Two

Elsa's getting so big!
She's gained over 5# since we brought her home! She's starting to follow commands (except come - we're working on it). Now she can go up and down the stairs, but can't quite get on the couch.
The biting is still an issue, but it will be for a little while, and then it'll be an issue again in a few months. If we say "ow" or make a bark noise, she backs off. It's something for now.
Currently, she is pestering the cat. Spenser does not appreciate Elsa's interest. At the same time, she seems to purposefully tease the dog - swishing her tail at the puppy's level, slowly cruising through the room...
Yesterday was kind of a rough day. Baby B was here. Elsa was great with him, but really biting me and snarling at me. I think it was a combination of jealousy, being overwhelmed, and feeding off of my anxiety that she was going to get too rambunctious with the baby. Then, she peed in the toybox - all over the little people. I cut my thumb while trying to rush to get dinner going since both babies were sleeping. Not bad enough for stitches, but in a bad place and bad enough that it won't stop bleeding and I still had to wash all of the peed upon little people and the toy box. By the time That Man got home, I was fried. And we still had a meeting to attend which we were taking Baby B with us so K1 & J could take care of some things.
I was in bed and completely sacked hours before normal.

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