Thursday, January 23, 2014

Puppy - Week One

We've had a whole week with Elsa!
Look at how big she's getting! Gained two pounds and some inches!
The biting is still an issue, but this will pass. She's done well the past two days, even with Baby B here. Potty training is going well, too! She can now go up the stairs, but not down. A trip for baby gates is in our immediate future. We needed them for Baby B anyway, though we've been successful at blocking off the living room in a way he can't escape.
Baby B and Elsa are so adorable together! Elsa must look at him as a sibling and Baby B copies her movements. When Elsa puts her paw up, he puts his arm up. Too stinking cute!
Other than that -
It's Thursday. The kids were supposed to go back to school today, but all three of us woke with a splitting headache and nausea. The headache was so bad that even with pain reliever on board, it hurt to move or find a comfortable place for my head. The second dose helped more and I was able to grudgingly leave the house for a grocery store run. My tire was very very low and I had to put air in it or face changing a flat. No gloves and the stupid machine was frozen so it took a long time to warm up enough to actually kick on the compressor to give me air. I was so very cold!
Job interview yesterday. When I parked, I ended up sliding into the pile of plowed snow. I think I looked like a stupid jerk as I slid and spun before sticking the 'burban in four wheel drive. Ugh! I am very hopeful for this position though. I thought the interview went well. I liked everyone I met and I'm excited about the position. Fingers crossed!
That is all.

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