Sunday, January 26, 2014

It Has Begun...Again

It's been several years since this flamingo has been around. I think it needed a vacation after its last appearance at the beach.
Imagine my surprise when I went out to start the 'burban and see this wired to my wiper blade - hanging out there so anyone driving by could see and wonder why the heck its there. I died laughing (which probably also made people wonder).
I texted my sister and brother-in-law telling them that I think we have a situation. My sister knew but isn't the one who wired it there. My brother-in-law, however, agreed that we are in the middle of a situation. Ha!
The last time this bird was out we were at the beach. It showed up everywhere - beds, the washing machine, showers, hot tub, pool, in cars, in the elevator. We never knew where it would appear, but it always did.
Now that it's back and in my possession, it's up to me to figure out where it should go next. I'm thinking really hard about that and will let you know what I come up with.

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